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The ones with the * are non-aus. Sorry there aren't more of them D: 

I swear, I'll go back and make this pretty and add summaries and shit later, okay

Also I'm sorry my links fail. 


trolololo here take some fic )
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I’m from Buffalo. We eat chicken wings, not buffalo wings. Jack Kemp is a quarterback, not a politician. We drink Labatt Blue and love it. Mighty Taco always has preference over Taco Bell. Pop, not soda and Pepsi, not Coke. They are sneakers not tennis shoes. It’s a sucker, not a lollipop. Bison Chip Dip, La Nova Pizzeria, Aunt Rosie’s Loganberry, Chevetta’s Chicken, and Ted’s Hot Dogs are all too familiar…not to forget Anderson’s Shakes. A fake ID is unnecessary when there is always Canada… but we have them any ways. Our bars don’t close until 4, and we DO sell beer in a grocery store (Tops or Wegmans ), which always makes for early starts and late nights. Jim’s Steak Out at 4 in the morning is calling it an early night… We never cuss, but we swear entirely too much. We know that a 65 mph speed limit really means 80. We will cut you off, swear, and give you the finger if you are not keeping up AND do it all in the snow, while expecting nothing less from you in return. Driving in the snow not only comes naturally, it is fun. We start the weekends off right at Thursdays in the square enjoying beer, free music, and an interesting crowd. We lived through Wide Right, The Forward Lateral, and No Goal. Dubbed by Dan Marino as “the meanest fans because none of us actually wanted to live here”… we all know he wouldn’t stand one winter up here. We love the Bills (no matter what) and accept that it takes 2 hours to get home from a game. Nothing closes in 3 feet of snow or -20 wind chills… in fact, that’s how we prefer to tailgate. The 2001 Christmas Storm that dumped nearly of 7 ft of lake effect snow we still think it’s a mere 2nd to The Blizzard of ‘77. We can correctly pronounce, spell, and identify Chippewa, sacajaquada,Lackawanna, Cheektowaga, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Olean and Tonawanda without hesitation. When giving direction it’s not ” take I-90 to Route 33 east” it’s “take the 90 to the 33 east”…”the” is not an option. We are 30 minutes from another country, one of the seven wonders of the world, and even a few beaches. It’s the second largest city in New York. I AM FROM BUFFALO, a beer drinking town with a Big sports problem, and damn proud! We have Every Time I Die, enough said.

mostly true...but i'm a coke person, ngl.
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except, you know, it's not. track started last week, and I'm officially one of the worst ones on the team. I get pity cheers, okay? Pity cheers.

Also, I'm not so sure if I like the guy I like now. I mean, he's adorable and sweet and stuff, but...I feel like it's fading. Whatever, that's a good thing isn't it?

In other news, unf Merlin. Unf unf Colin and his cheekbones of steel. I've been in a Merliny mood lately, couldn't tell you why. It's cool though, so I'm sticking to it.

And Gleeeeee is coming back soon, hoorah \o/ I can't wait to see Kurt and his new bf.

Half of the reason I made this entry was so that I could add tags to it. Does that make me pathetic?
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i finished a kradam drabble \o/ i hope it doesn't suck

Lazy, part 6 of the Things I Know series )
and that's that. review please?
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here's me, writing things in my new moleskin. tell me if i should just give up my writing dreams, or if it doesn't suck too badly, please and thank you :D

Like, and Frustration )

Well, that's that. Sorry if they were terrible. I liked them okay. This was based on something Ernest Hemingway's quote about writing a story for each thing you know,  and I'm planning on doing that. It should be easy, cause I don't know very many things.


Anyway, that's it :D
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My letter? G

1. Giving
2. Getting 
3. God related jokes
4. Green Tea
5. Gobstoppers
6. Grandma (both of them, I miss them both D:)
7. Glee
8. Glasses (on guys)
10. Guitar Players

Well, this was hard. Comment here if you want your own letter, and then do this in your own journal :D
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oh hey, it's me back again. hello journal, hello new format. :D

me being awkward and insecure... )

Also, I've recently gotten into Glee and Merlin, so expect to be hearing about them for a while. That is, if I ever get up to regularly updating this thing. :D
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being a copy cat, following the crowd

Tell me what you really think. Hate me. Love me. Hate me some more.

lol like anyone will actually comment

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here, take some mavid

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oh my god what the hell just happened to _ai
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You know, I was thinking of posting a recap from Kissmas bash, but it turns out all my vids are in mermish, and the pics didn't come out. Oh well. The fact that he said the words "sex machine" on stage pretty much sum it up anyway.

I need some new icons. I love my default, but I want a more chill one. Less pink, more black/blue. Black and white would be cool.

Also, I'm deciding that I'm going to write a fic, dammit, whether I like it or not. And it's not going to be Stan, it's going to be fandom related. RL shipping is too complicated.
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So there's this girl, right? And she's supposedly my bff, right?

she's a maneater... )

Man-stealer. other than that, life is pretty good. The guy I have a crush on is being amazing, and all my other friends are great :D
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*gasp* I didn't die! I know, it's shocking!

SO anyway, whaat's new. Hmmmm. nothing. School is annoying. I hate my math teacher. And my Bio teacher takes every oppurtunity possible to make sex jokes (that almost no one gets), but he's awesome anyway.

Sorry about not updating in forever, but Kradam and ontd_ai accidentallied my life. Plus real life and school and i don't even know, random fic prompts and such. Which are coming, I swear!

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Kradam with be my second death, I swear.
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Um, I'm sorry, but seriously?

Way to go, Kradamites! The boys are in the finale!! All I can hope for is that it is just as awesome as the Mavid finally would have been last year (can you tell I'm still bitter?)

That's all, I'm going to go hav a spazz attack about Kris Allen right now

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Sorry, but things just kinda piled up on me and now I'm way busy. But I have to post here because um OMFG the Scrubs finale...


My Scrubs Rant )
What else...Oh!

So I gave in. I started watching Idol again last week after refusing to watch for the whole season because it's just so damn disappointing without David on there. My love of the whole show got the better of me.  So I watched one episode, and of course now I'm hooked again. And I officially have a Major Major crush on Kris Allen. So shoot me. Yes Adam can sing, he can sing amazingly, and I do love him, but sometimes I just think he overdoes a lot of the songs. Still ♥

Also, I would like to say that the Cook family has my condolences and are in my thoughts in prayers.

RIP Adam Cook ♥~♥

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Work sucks. Especially homework. I've got three projects and an essay to do this week. I think I may die.

Wow I'm petty. Ignore that last comment.

=] Life is good.


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