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except, you know, it's not. track started last week, and I'm officially one of the worst ones on the team. I get pity cheers, okay? Pity cheers.

Also, I'm not so sure if I like the guy I like now. I mean, he's adorable and sweet and stuff, but...I feel like it's fading. Whatever, that's a good thing isn't it?

In other news, unf Merlin. Unf unf Colin and his cheekbones of steel. I've been in a Merliny mood lately, couldn't tell you why. It's cool though, so I'm sticking to it.

And Gleeeeee is coming back soon, hoorah \o/ I can't wait to see Kurt and his new bf.

Half of the reason I made this entry was so that I could add tags to it. Does that make me pathetic?
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You know, I was thinking of posting a recap from Kissmas bash, but it turns out all my vids are in mermish, and the pics didn't come out. Oh well. The fact that he said the words "sex machine" on stage pretty much sum it up anyway.

I need some new icons. I love my default, but I want a more chill one. Less pink, more black/blue. Black and white would be cool.

Also, I'm deciding that I'm going to write a fic, dammit, whether I like it or not. And it's not going to be Stan, it's going to be fandom related. RL shipping is too complicated.
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So there's this girl, right? And she's supposedly my bff, right?

she's a maneater... )

Man-stealer. other than that, life is pretty good. The guy I have a crush on is being amazing, and all my other friends are great :D
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