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Ten Person Meme Thing (aka Causing Paranoia through All of LJ Land)

1. I love you. I hope you know that. You always make me feel welcome and good about myself, no matter how my day was :D

2. You scare the shit out of me. You seem so awesome, but you also seem like you could be such a bitch, and I’m not quite sure how to approach you.

3. I think we should talk more. I think we could be really good friends, if I could talk to you, like, on AIM or something. One on one. Because you seem really adorable, but it’s hard finding things to talk about.

4. Everyone looks up to you, even me. I wish I was half as amazing as you are, even a quarter. You are so funny and nice and just…likeable, that I don’t think I could hate you if I tried.

5. You are the most approachable person in OT posts, I think. I get intimidated in front of people I like but don’t know very well, but I was never afraid to talk to you.

6. I miss you. I really, really, do. I know we didn’t talk too much, but I always thought you were one of the funniest people I had ever seen comment. I may not have understood what you were saying sometimes, but you always made me lol anyway.

7. You actually approached me to talk to first, which was weird. I’m always used to being the talker. I’m not really sure if you like me though, because you’re constantly giving off mixed signals.

8. I don’t think you know how well loved you are. It makes me sad, actually, how you think of yourself around here. You are really funny and adorable and I always smile when I see you around because your comments are the best and I love you very much

9. I’ve just started to talk to you, and I think we might be mind twins. We always seem to be saying the same things. I just wish I knew what you thought of me, because I don’t want to be too pushy and clingy. I guess that’s my problem.

10. I don’t think you check your LJ anymore, or even at all, but that’s okay but I don’t think you’ll ever see this ever. We have a love/hate relationship, I think. But right now I am in one of the hate phases. You state your opinions like facts, you lie to other people to make you seem better, and you act like you are my mother. I have one mom. I don’t need another. So please, just leave me alone for now.

This is basically a "why i love you" thing. And they're all OTers, except 10, which you could probably guess

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