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i finished a kradam drabble \o/ i hope it doesn't suck

Lazy, part 6 of the Things I Know series )
and that's that. review please?
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here's me, writing things in my new moleskin. tell me if i should just give up my writing dreams, or if it doesn't suck too badly, please and thank you :D

Like, and Frustration )

Well, that's that. Sorry if they were terrible. I liked them okay. This was based on something Ernest Hemingway's quote about writing a story for each thing you know,  and I'm planning on doing that. It should be easy, cause I don't know very many things.


Anyway, that's it :D
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You know, I was thinking of posting a recap from Kissmas bash, but it turns out all my vids are in mermish, and the pics didn't come out. Oh well. The fact that he said the words "sex machine" on stage pretty much sum it up anyway.

I need some new icons. I love my default, but I want a more chill one. Less pink, more black/blue. Black and white would be cool.

Also, I'm deciding that I'm going to write a fic, dammit, whether I like it or not. And it's not going to be Stan, it's going to be fandom related. RL shipping is too complicated.
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Ugh. Life has been so busy this week, I'm not even going to start. Let's just say it's the return of the week from hell.

On the bright side, my left hand handwriting is actually getting better, and the fic I mentioned a few weeks ago is actually getting written this time. It's going to be a lot longer than I though, and I'm soo excited.

New slash couple Demetri Martin/John Oliver? I'm not sure if I like it yet, so I guess I'm off to read fics!
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Those poor people on flight 3407...considering it was a mile from my house, 30 seconds difference and it could have been me. I'm really scared by that. My dad takes that flight all the time, and several of my friends know people who died...It's so terrible...

So I had today off too.

Which help me start writing a new fic, a long one this time, and I have so much hope for this one. It's angsty Mavid, probably onesided. I'll be sure to post it here once it's done. I'm not sure if it will be two parts or one, or even three (doubt it though, I'm still a Newbie). I just saw a picture of them together at the American Idol Experience opening, so inspiration is abundant.

Also, I read a lot of HP fic today, mostly on FFN, and it's nice to get into that fandom again. It was my first love, RemusSirius was my first slash pairing (and therefore will forever be my OTP of OTPs). Though I didn't read anything with SBRL as the pairings, I did read a fic where, if you squint, there is barely tiny evidence of it in one chapter. But the fic was forgiven, because, dammit, it was FUNNY.

I got a facebook too. No name though, because, well I'm not that stupid.
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