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Tell me what you really think. Hate me. Love me. Hate me some more.

lol like anyone will actually comment

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here, take some mavid

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Those poor people on flight 3407...considering it was a mile from my house, 30 seconds difference and it could have been me. I'm really scared by that. My dad takes that flight all the time, and several of my friends know people who died...It's so terrible...

So I had today off too.

Which help me start writing a new fic, a long one this time, and I have so much hope for this one. It's angsty Mavid, probably onesided. I'll be sure to post it here once it's done. I'm not sure if it will be two parts or one, or even three (doubt it though, I'm still a Newbie). I just saw a picture of them together at the American Idol Experience opening, so inspiration is abundant.

Also, I read a lot of HP fic today, mostly on FFN, and it's nice to get into that fandom again. It was my first love, RemusSirius was my first slash pairing (and therefore will forever be my OTP of OTPs). Though I didn't read anything with SBRL as the pairings, I did read a fic where, if you squint, there is barely tiny evidence of it in one chapter. But the fic was forgiven, because, dammit, it was FUNNY.

I got a facebook too. No name though, because, well I'm not that stupid.
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I have the day off from school today, ooooh funn. No, not really. It actually kinda sucks because we were going to have a pizza party in Latin, and I don't have it tomorrow, and then we have break...ugh. Right when things are finally starting to get better. Yeah, I know, it's a stupid thing to complain about. Oh well.

On the bright side, I get to spend today reading Mavid and JDox fics! Wahoo! I think I may even dive back into the HP fandom, maybe get my SBRL on, you know? Post on some forums, all that crap. I just spent the last half hour fiddling with cuts and tags anyhow.

Other than that...well...I saw the new Scrubs (gee, no way! XD) and I really did like them. I liked the phone in pocket prank on Perry, because, well...frankly, it was hysterical. As was Jo and Sunny's impression of JD and Turk. The bromance they have is a really good storyline to explore, and considering how little they've done with it (you know, plot wise, not joke wise, because they've gone over the top with it on the side) I really liked the awkwardness. It explains why Turk acts the way he does, because it seems OOC for a "manly man" like him to be all sentimental and gooey. And anything using Guy Love immediately wins in my book.

Mavid Reunion? Please Please PLease Please yes!!!!!!!!!! At Disney world even! I'm so excited for the opening of the American Idol experience it's not even funny. Ok, yeah it is. =P

David Cook, get even hotter, I dare you. Just the way he's growing his hair out again, and the fact that I just found out that if you unplug your iPod earphones the right amount, you can hear the harmonies on all his songs, which areprobably the most gorgeous-ass things I have heard in awhile, is making me gush about him. LOVE.

So that's about it for today. Yup.


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