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i finished a kradam drabble \o/ i hope it doesn't suck

6. Lazy

          Adam is walking along the shore collecting shells, the waves lapping at his feet. Kris thinks he should probably join him, because after all they are a couple, and isn't that what couples do? But right now moving is the last thing on his mind. The sand is smushed between his toes and the sun has almost completely set, so he is looking up at the stars. He's cold, but not enough to make him want to get a coat, just enough to make him snuggle a little bit deeper into the beach towel.

        Adam returns after a while with something in his hand. He drops it on Kris's chest and sits down beside him. Kris picks it up.

       It's a pendant, actually just a shell on a string, but the shell is beautiful. It's fan-shaped, with dark red specks covering the white of the outside. The inside is smooth and shiny, so Kris can almost see his reflection. Almost.

       "I like it," he says appeciatively.

       "You better, jackass," Adam says with a smile. "It took me for-fucking-ever to find a shell that wouldn't make you look like something out of a 90's music video." Kris laughs.

       "Well then," he says, "I really like it." He puts it on, careful not to catch the string on his ears.

       Adam rolls his eyes playfully and chuckles a bit, before laying down on the blanket set out next to Kris. They lapse into a comfortable silence, one which Kris spends holding the shells and listening to Adam breathe. It seems like it's been hours when he finally speaks.

       "Hey Adam?"

       "Yeah?" Adam responds, rolling over to face Kris and look directly into his eyes. Kris doesn't say anything, instead he just grabs Adam's hand from the blanket and intertwines their fingers.

       "Thanks," he says after a pause. It's not exactly what he meant to say, but he's pretty sure Adam gets that, because Adam knows everything.

         And Adam apparently does know everything, because he leans over and presses a kiss to Kris' forehead and squeezes his hand tightly.

         "I love you too, Kris."

and that's that. review please?
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