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oh hey, it's me back again. hello journal, hello new format. :D

Ugh, I have internet issues. I just, can' to people online. It's like, I really want them to like me cause people in the communities I go to are amazing and funny and really really sweet, but I just...can't. Like, I try to make ~interesting comments and generally not sound like a bitch or really clingy, but either way that's what I come off as. Even now I'm like dying because this basically screams pity party, and I don't want it to.
So, you know, I try to be myself more, but the problem is, I don't even know what the hell myself is or how to act like one. And when I do, I generally am left feeling like an idiot and wanting to just go drown in a pond or something.
I don't even know why this is behind a cut, it's not that long, but I'm just...ugh. I wish I was as confident talking to people online as I am irl. Maybe I just have issues making new friends. Like, I can't talk to people. I always over-analyze because I'm afraid of over-stepping some stupid boundary that I create in my head for who knows what reason except to keep me from embarrassing myself. Also, from memores of being clingy. So then I just pull away and get all distant and then I'm afraid people will think I'm a bitch and I don't want to be but omg.
so generally, just D: all around. I need some help. Is there a guide for talking to people on the internet without sounding like a loser?

Also, I've recently gotten into Glee and Merlin, so expect to be hearing about them for a while. That is, if I ever get up to regularly updating this thing. :D
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