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Sorry, but things just kinda piled up on me and now I'm way busy. But I have to post here because um OMFG the Scrubs finale...


Where to about the fact that after it ended, I spent the next 1/2 sobbing my eyes out and whimpering "it's over" repeatedly? I really did. To me it was probably the best series finale I have ever seen =]

The first time I started really crying (I teared at the first day flashbacks) was the JD/Carla scene. For me, that just got to me, because I have always loved their friendship and their entire dynamic.

After that, I stopped for a bit until Dr. Cox's speech, which I had been waiting for the entire episode - the entire season, in fact- and it lived up to my expectations. My favorite relationship on the show has always been JD and Perry's, just because of how funny they are. But those two, as my favorite characters, always have a tendency to make me cry. So believe me, I sobbed at that, and I kept going through the end.

The hallway walk I had a good time with, trying to name the episode that each person was in in my head. I got almost all of them, and I have to say, the broken penis guy did make me giggle ;D And I loved that Dan showed up to, since we never got to see him this season and he cracks me up.

The clip show at the end...erm...I really really liked it. I'm not a JDElliot shipper, nor will I ever be, but I don't necessarily hate them as I couple. I liked that JD and Turk stayed tight in the clip show, because in my mind, a love like their's will never end, no matter what obstacles it may face. I still like to think that that's not actually the future for JD, though it might be close. I liked how it kept it open-ended, so that we're left with something to think with at the end. Although leaving Sam out of a lot of it made me sad. =/

Bill saying goodnight to JD was just perfect. That's all I can say. =]

When they started to play Superman in the background I squealed because I was hoping all season that they would use that song in the finale, as it was just perfect. I actually started singing the lyrics at one point, which is kind of really pathetic, but at that point I was miles past caring.

As for the Janitor's name...I liked it. When JD asked what his name was I knew it was coming up and got all excited. I also like how they, in typical Scrubs fashion, made you think because if I'm not mistaken I think the guy walking past called him Tom. Oh, Scrubs.

The book of rants was perfect, as was the recitation of the thing I care as little about rant with the Hugh Jackman unison part (which was beautiful XD).

I don't know why, but I really liked Elliot in this episode too. She just struck me as so much crazier and so much more...herself. I liked that a lot because I've always kinda identified with her character, and I was scared that she would become almost a Mary-Sue type of character. Her quirks are what make her awesome ;)

Other things that really stood out to me were Jordan being mean to Ted (made me laugh), the penny (you mean he really put it in there? I was shocked o_0), of course JD and Turk being JD and Turk with the Merry Xmas Perry ! sweaters and the borderline creepily romantic hugs (but they weren't creepy because they're them, it's what they do). Elliot and Carla imitating them was a really nice touch too.

So that's about it. This got a little longer than expected but that's ok. I really love this show, and it means a lot to me, even though I just started watching last summer. It's seen me through my highs and lows of this year, and I'm going to miss it epically.

Though, at least there's stil reruns!
What else...Oh!

So I gave in. I started watching Idol again last week after refusing to watch for the whole season because it's just so damn disappointing without David on there. My love of the whole show got the better of me.  So I watched one episode, and of course now I'm hooked again. And I officially have a Major Major crush on Kris Allen. So shoot me. Yes Adam can sing, he can sing amazingly, and I do love him, but sometimes I just think he overdoes a lot of the songs. Still ♥

Also, I would like to say that the Cook family has my condolences and are in my thoughts in prayers.

RIP Adam Cook ♥~♥


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